Book Review Information

Review Requests 

I am accepting book review requests from publishers and authors in the Young Adult genre (any type of book, dystopian, fantasy, realistic fiction). If you would like me to review a book that isn't Young Adult, send me an email at and we can talk about it. 

Review System 

I have a 5-star system. The more filled in stars, the better.

★ - Absolutely loved it. Exceptional book and a must read. (Given to books rarely.)
☆ - A very good book. Should be read. 
☆ - Good book. Can read if you like the review and it appeals to you. 
☆ - Not too bad but I wouldn't recommend you read it. 
☆ - Terrible. Don't bother reading. 

In my reviews, I include the title, author, publisher, pages, whether it's part of a series, my own rating, synopsis and then my thoughts below. I usually consider the setting, plot, characters, writing, message and sometimes the front cover.

I try my best to be a fair reviewer. I keep my book reviews mainly spoiler free but if there is something I'm dying to discuss with those who have read the book, I'll warn when spoiler parts approach.

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